The Peace of Pursuing Purpose

Ever felt as though you aren’t doing enough with your life? You wake up, bath, eat, go to work, earn a salary from it, come back home, eat, you’re back in bed again, but before you sleep you reflect on your day and feel like you haven’t done anything special with your life, and that you’ll do better tomorrow? Till tomorrow becomes today and you find yourself in constant conflict with this routine of what is now uncomfortable comfort because “something is missing”.

I believe this is when “You” are that something that is missing from your own life. You, who exists in the trinity of mind, body and soul, have been missing for so long, that these 3 elements lack the peace of what it is to pursue purpose.Pursuing Purpose may be best defined as: “Pressing towards the mark of the high calling to which God has called me in Christ Jesus.” in Philippians 3:14.

What is that one vision that you have that keeps pressing against your spirit? It presses on you so hard, on a daily basis, so much that it keeps you up at night at times, or perhaps you find yourself constantly bringing it up in conversation with others. Where is the mark of your vision? Do you see yourself reaching a particular point of contentment or area of operation where you’ll know that this is where you’ve always wanted to be? This ultimate mark is what would become your reason for pressing. Yet, you can only know why you would want to reach your mark once you have come to know what your high calling is.

Your high calling is indeed your purpose. This is the area of your destiny. Where you thrive, where your strengths are at, where your gift becomes so apparent, that people don’t have to know you to know that this is what you’re good at; they can see it even in your absence. It is beyond yourself, it is timeless. More than it does for you, it does for others. It will keep your mind so strong, it will get your body going and it will leave your soul so fulfilled because you will know that this, without a doubt, without comparison to another, without fear of the unknown, is what you have been called to do with your life.

You may not yet know what your purpose is, or you may know it and things aren’t going well so you believe it’s probably not it, or that you are unworthy of it. Well, know this: “God is able to make all grace abound towards you,so that ye, having all sufficiency in all things at all times, you may abound in every good work.”- 2Corinthians 9:8.

May that be the peace that governs your mind,body and soul. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and your purpose and all it’s fruits, shall be added unto you.



  1. Phindile says

    I can relate to every word stipulated. As a young black woman who is blessed to have a profession and salary,a husband and children I adore. However not feeling fulfilled at the end of my day, because I know that there is so much more to me,so much more I can archieve. I have my dreams and aspirations,knowing what I want to do but have limited resources to get started,responsibilities that do not allow me to take risks. Therefore stuck in a job that I no longer have interest in,no longer find fulfillment in…..wasting my days,days that I could be giving my best in,days I could be building a legacy for my children,with great excitement and going to sleep fulfilled.

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