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Elevate your life and career!
Wendy often shares many of her lessons in both life and business through media interviews, speeches and one on one mentoring.
We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate Women’s Month than to give 10 phenomenal women an opportunity to pose a question to her and tap into her insights and experiences.

Mentorship is a responsibility. I feel my generation has to ensure that the next generation can go much further than we did. – Wendy Luhabe



Kumarie Moodley
Kumarie Moodley

1. What was your main driver that pushed you to make a success of your life?
Kumarie Moodley
Relationship Manager
Standard Bank




2. How can we make Women’s Day more meaningful, instead of regarding it as just another public holiday or an excuse to get pampered?
Anelisa Mnyengeza



Tendai Marowa
Tendai Marowa

3. How do you observe the new African Woman of the 21st century? And if you had to make some changes to some of the things that characterize the women of today what would it be?
Tendai Marowa
Project Director & Founder
The Legacy of True Beauty



Bongekile Radebe
Bongekile Radebe

4. How do I, as a young and capable woman, begin to translate my network into sponsorship, investment and recommendations without feeling discouraged along the way, especially when some of my peers can do so with ease because of their parent’s successes and affiliations?
Bongekile Zinhle Radebe
Her Destiny



Ziyanda Mgushelo
Ziyanda Mgushelo

5. How much of who you are today can be likened to the woman who raised you? And is the saying ‘mothers know best’ true?
Ziyanda Mgushelo
Saatchi & Saatchi



Minikazi Mtati & Neli Mgangane
Minikazi Mtati & Neli Mgangane

6. The hostile atmosphere which most black women in business find them selves may lead to self doubt and ultimately to one not achieving their intended purpose in a particular industry or even one leaving the industry as a whole. How would you advise women who have been in this situation from your personal experience?
Minikazi Mtati & Neli Mgangane
MM Compliance Solutions



7. How do you break the walls for women in male dominated industries that still don’t recognize the value of women? And how do you assist women who are aspiring to be entrepreneurs, are you currently grooming anyone or are you still intending to?
Bongeka Nodangala
Community Development Practitioner
Department of Social Development



Vuyiswa Mothlabane
Vuyiswa Mothlabane

8. There is an unspoken reality of “entrepreneur depression” where some entrepreneurs end up committing suicide because of the hardships they experience on their journey to success. What advice can you give to someone experiencing “entrepreneur depression”?
Vuyiswa Mothlabane
Preloved Bridal Wear


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