Mama Mimi’s Business Overview

Business Overview

Mama Mimi’s is a for profit micro business creating Sustainable Jobs, while supporting local communities.

Mama-mimis-logoThe fact that Mama Mimi’s derives its income through premix sales guarantees an ongoing partnership with our bakers. With just over 300 Mama Mimi’s Bakeries and many lives positively changed we are confident that we are on the right track towards creating true upliftment.We work to find and support entrepreneurs who are interested in becoming bakers to run their micro-business selling baked goods to their neighbours / community:

Mama Mimi’s Micro Bakery

We provide a complete turn-key operation which includes a wood-fired oven and all equipment required to start a micro-bakery. (List below)

The oven is steel, hard-wearing, low-maintenance and ingeniously designed to heat up evenly with no cold spots within it. It requires a wipe of sunflower oil from time to time to keep the steel rust-free (maintained much like a potjie pot). The closed fire box is designed to be an extremely efficient heat source; consuming low volumes of wood and creating almost no smoke. The oven can be used indoors as a safe source of heat (a flue may be advised) and two or three pots can be used on top of the oven which acts as a hot plate.

We provide ongoing supply to the bakery with Premix, a pre-packed, portioned out formula of ingredients that provide consistent taste, size and nutrition to the end product.

Following recruitment we train the baker(s) for 2 days and provide ongoing mentorship of their business. This is essential for our business as Mama Mimi’s is an incentive-based model where our success in supplying Premix is directly linked to the entrepreneur’s success as a baker, simply put -the better the baker does the better Mama Mimi’s does.

Immediate Profit For Bakers

The Baker simply provides flour, water and wood to the business. A simple and convenient production process produces 8 loaves of bread per hour, and 5 large pizzas per hour (a pizza requires 12 min in the oven).

oven2We also supply conveniently packaged and pre weighed premixes to make a multitude of other income generating bakery items for example, Mama Mimi’s Snowball Mix, Chelsea Bun Premix and Scones Premix etc.

We can demonstrate that should a baker work 5 hours per day and produce and sell a combination of products that they can net around R4k per month. This can be achieved at a lower price point than any other similar products currently in the market. Productive bakers working longer hours with varied products can earn as much as R12k per month.

It is an important aspect of the business that a baker, following their training, will be able to immediately begin producing and selling bakery products to their community.


Mama Mimi’s is all about creating convenience and simplicity for the baker to maximize their output. There a numerous ways of adding value to a loaf of bread that makes commercial sense for the baker e.g. making sandwiches, garlic and specialty breads and quarter loaves.

We encourage and guide on product, marketing and production innovation throughout our training and mentoring relationship with the bakers.


Depending on the training an initial mentorship required Mama Mimi’s micro bakeries cost between R9 500 – R15 000.

Mama Mimi’s Business Includes

  • Complete Oven
  • Assembly Instructions
  • 2 Days Formal Training (including Course material and practice stock)
  • 3 Sets of 4 Loaf Baking Trays
  • Large Mama Mimi’s Sign Board
  • Scale
  • Set of Gloves
  • Dough Cutter
  • 2 x Mixing Bowls
  • 1.5Lt Measuring Jug
  • Spanner
  • Wooden Spoon
  • 100 Promotional Pamphlets
  • Recipes
  • 2 x Aprons
  • 2 x Caps
  • Bread Cutter
  • Pizza Tray
  • Pizza Cutter
  • Snowball/ Muffin Tray
  • Axe
  • Cheese Grater
  • Rolling Pin
  • Wooden Cutting Board
  • Bread Knife
  • Timer


mamasWith millions of unemployed, potentially hard working people in our country your assistance is needed. With your funding and the Mama Mimi’s business model we can create life changing opportunities for this segment of our nation.

Together Changing Our Nation One Loaf At A Time


  1. Boipelo Mokoke says

    I read article about how mentorship is important and that in all the stages in your life someone was there to give you a helping hand. I am a young ambitious graduate but i am finding it very hard to get a job. I have two diplomas; Travel & Tourism Operations / Journalism and I am currently busy with my B-Tech in Journalism. I was wondering if Mama Wendy could please mentor me, please.

  2. Viwe Mphahlele says

    Hi Mom Wendy,

    I am a matric graduate guy of 20 years of age I would love to further my studies but because of money constraints after my father passed away with 3 siblings
    it’s very hard for my mom. I would like to get a job so I can have a start for a small business of Mama Mimi’s Bakery & Pizzeria and for future

  3. mathutwana mokoena says

    Hi Mam Wendy, Please can I get a call to find out more on the Mamamimi mini bakery as the address and contacts on the website are not responsive.

    i think this is a brilliant venture for someone like me who is trying to get her foot into the door or starting a business.


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