How to change a tyre in 6 easy steps!

wheel change2

1. Set-up a triangle – In the boot of your car, underneath the carpeting, there will be a tool kit with a reflective triangle. Set this up 45 metres away from your car to warn other motorists of your position.

2. Loosen the wheel nuts – Take the wheel spanner out of the tool kit and approach the deflated wheel. Remember to loosen the nuts before jacking up the car, as the ground offers resistance. A wheel in the air will simply rotate. Adopt the old slogan “rightie-tightie and leftie-loosie,” which means turning the spanner clockwise will tighten the wheel nut and counter-clockwise will loosen it.

3. Jack-up the car – In your tool kit there will also be a jack. Take this out and you’ll spot a curved mounting point and a flat point on either side. The flat point, the bottom of the jack, must be placed on the ground. The curved point must go under the car. You’ll notice that the underside of your car has two points at each end where this curved point fits. Placing this in the correct position ensures that you do not damage the underside of your car. Once the jack is in place, begin rotating the lever in a clockwise motion and the car will lift.

4. Put the spare wheel on – Underneath your tool kit there’s normally a full-size spare wheel or a ‘space saver’ or ‘Marie biscuit’ – as we South Africans call it. Once you have the spare wheel in place, look through the holes and make sure that they line-up with the hole on the hub of your car. Then place the wheel nuts back in as tight as you can with your fingers.

5. Lower the jack and tighten the wheel nuts – Start to rotate the lever in a counter-clockwise motion until you can remove the jack from the mounting point under the car. Then grab your wheel spanner and tighten them as much as you can.

6. Get to your nearest tyre shop – Drive slowly to your nearest tyre shop and have them either repair your damaged tyre or replace it with a new one for safety.


  1. Toniah says

    Valuable lesson, I better start practicing. I would hate to find myself at the mercy of some ill-mannered person because I couldn’t do it for myself

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