Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator

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Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator is a not for profit business that connects employers looking for entry-level talent to young, high-potential work-seekers who are currently locked out of the formal economy because of lack of information, social networks and money to find work.

We see that there are some vacant jobs in the economy yet half of young South Africans are unemployed. Harambee is addressing this demand-supply mismatch by creating a “network” to connect employers and first-time work seekers. We recruit candidates where existing corporate recruitment networks do not reach, assess their competencies to match them to jobs where they are most likely to succeed, we then deliver high quality work readiness programmes that directly address the risks identified by employers, and work with employers to support retention.

Harambee has placed nearly 20,000 young people with over 200 of South Africa’s top companies in the retail, hospitality, financial services, insurance, business process outsourcing, technical and industrial sectors. We have operations in Gauteng, Western Cape, Eastern Cape and KZN.

We have set annual targets to support 10,000 young people into employment each year, and to bring 500,000 young people closer the labour market over the next 5 years.


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