Why I read the Bible

The stories we read in the Bible are not really stories about people, but stories about God at work in the lives of ordinary people like me and you.

When I read my Bible I am really not interested in the life of David or Moses or Peter or Daniel. My interest is God through the life of David, Moses or Peter.

I want to see what God can do with a mans life when it is fully surrendered to God. Just like Daniel who chose to worship the same God who allowed them to be captives in Babylon while there was a decree to kill anyone who does so. I want to find out what was his experience with God that made him so committed.

holy_bibleThat gives me assurance that God can use me too in the same manner that He used other men who also had weaknesses just like me. Example, Peter.

I don’t read the Bible to judge David for his mistakes, but to learn how he recovered from his mistakes. How he ended up being called the man after God’s own heart even after messing up so many times.

I want to know what inspired Solomon to ask for wisdom when God gave him a permission to ask for anything… because if I was Solomon, wisdom would be the last thing in my mind. Cars, Houses, Clothes, Riches, Golf estate….you get the point right, those could have been the things I asked for.

When I read about Moses I am not interested in praising him for the miracles he performed, but how he managed to be humble after doing all that great staff for God. Numbers 12:3, Acts 10:34-35 ….how true it is that God does not show favoritism, but accepts men from every nation who fear him and do what is right.

Above all I read my Bible because I know that in the midst of all the voices that speak everyday in my life i.e political, economic, religious, cultural, friends, pastors, family and others, the Bible is the only book that when I read, only God speaks… and in that moment, all other voices become quiet and insignificant.




  1. Sibusiso says

    Thank you Mom Wendy,

    May the Lord richly expand your territory, grant you fresh anointing and the wisdom to command each day to fulfil His will for your life.

  2. Yap says

    Why I read Wendy?

    Because through her the story Of her life I see how God can use a simple and easy going black woman to inspire not only women but also men like me to believe in changing our Africa.
    Be blessed Wendy


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