Partnership Capital: A Model for Growth Markets

The Abraaj Group Board Member, Wendy Luhabe, outlines why partnership capital is an investment model that thrives in growth markets. As a long-standing advocate of entrepreneurship, Ms Luhabe explains why today’s entrepreneurs are looking for partnerships with ethical values that they can support and trust.


  1. Mcebo Vilakati says

    Traditional investors, banks and venture capitalists have ignored the “values” component of investment to effect social change. The system was also flawed in making social investment a bandage to cover the sores generated by irresponsible and ethical business practices whilst businesses should have been established on social values and be driven to have social and capital returns to begin with. Social returns should be part of the gross profits and not be stimulated by a portion of the net returns. Indeed this will be driven by private equity and crowd funding is the new ethical venture funding vehicle. I am excited about the prospects of future business.

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