Thank you Wendy

Dear Ma Wendy

I trust that you are well.

On the 13th of April I will be graduating from the University of the Western Cape with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Psychology.

I want to say thank you to you for believing in me and giving me this opportunity. Had you not funded my studies I would not be in this position today. While there are challenges ahead; my heartfelt and most humble gratitude goes out to you for what you have did for empowering me.

I am planning to pursue my honors in Psychology in 2017. Then the following year I will pursue my masters in Clinical Psychology.

This year I will focus my energy
on finding work and making time for social responsibility projects in the city.

Thank you for being an amazing role model to me. As a little girl I always knew I had big dreams. However it was the day I read an article on you and got introduced to you for the first time that I knew what I wanted those dreams to look like. At the end of that article, I said that’s who I want to be like. To not just live for myself but for a greater purpose. Your work ethic, your heart, and your integrity. You will always be an inspiration to me.

May I be to many other young girls, what you have been to me.

Enkosi Mama

God bless you


  1. Neo Maepa says

    I am currently at the UNISA Graduate School of business whenever I walk past the corridor with the Leaders in Business award I see your beautiful picture put up as a laureate , and deservedly so my heart just smiles, you inspire me on so many levels. I am a young women looking to go into social entrepreneurship and the civil track and I just wanted to say your legacy will live on through us. You are loved

    Neo Maepa

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