What would it take to accelerate your impact as a rising leader?

My name is Fred Swaniker, founder of the African Leadership University School of Business (ALUSB).

If there is one thing that can be done to address a spectrum of challenges that the African continent faces, it is producing better leadership talent. ALUSB’s mission is nothing short of transforming Africa, by providing its current and aspiring leaders with the tools to unlock their potential.
ALUSB’s flagship offering is a part-time 20-month MBA programme that provides a rigorous immersion in learning the leadership competencies and gaining the pan-African exposure and network which is required to propel participants into high impact careers.

I am excited to announce that the 2017 ALUSB MBA admissions cycle is officially underway for a programme start of July 2017. The highly selective MBA class, most of whom have more than 6 years of work experience in high growth African companies and global corporates, form the founding cohort that convened in Kigali this past September to experience the first weeklong intensive.

The class has rated the programme 9.2/10 for the practical impact of the learning experience. Click here to see this 2-minute recap of the immersion that you could join next year.

We look forward to sustaining the great momentum that was built through the programme’s successful launch, as we recruit the next class of ambitious professionals looking to accelerate their impact as rising leaders, craft Africa-relevant business insights, and learn with a powerful pan-African peer network.

We invite you to learn more about our MBA program by requesting more info here.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Fred Swaniker
Founder | ALUSB

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