Questions for Dawna

I would like to share this because it resonates with me deeply…. Blessings, Wendy:

“Dear Beloveds
At this moment I am sitting still on the lanai at sunset in the center of my life. I feel tears pricking my eyelids. I am not crying. It’s just the deep welling of a lived life rising inside  me.  All the beauty. All the terror. All the unlived moments that I spent thinking too small. And yet.

At 75, I am no longer haunted by what I want out of life. Instead I search for what life wants out of me. It seems I cannot just lay my unlived potential to rest. It still seeks to be lived. This unspent energy refuses to be buried. The possibilities will not hide unexplored. They rattle the doorknob of my mind. They aren’t the ghosts of what could have been, but rather the spirit of what still could be. There is unlived life in me that yearns to emerge, to be set in motion, to be given and fulfilled.

So I am beginning another book. Having co-written two with Angie, (the newest of which, Reconcilable Differences: Connecting In A Disconnected World will be born on September 5 ) I’m pulled forward now by the question, “What’s unfinished that only I can give?”

I know what the world needs now is not necessarily love . Loving one person well is the challenge of a lifetime. Loving this whole world well is beyond the reach of any one of us. From my perspective, what the world needs now is inspiration. Inspiration is what the sun does to an apple tree that helps it turn toward the light and reach. Inspiration is what helps to break open the shell around a seed so it can reach and blossom. Yet in the current political schism between the two halves of that shell—us/them, right/left, red/blue, real/fake, lies/truth– inspiration is in short supply. I don’t know how we will be able to sprout a possible future without it.

The promise life made to the world the moment I was born was: ”Here is one who will help ask questions and tell stories to inspire connection within and between people.”  Many of you reading this email were kind enough to send me the stories you heard from me that inspired you.  Now I have one more request:  Imagine you are sitting here with me, facing the horizon as the sun slides into the Pacific. Imagine it is the very last time we will be together. What personal and particular-to-you question would you ask me?
Twenty years ago I made such a request  of my circle of friends. The questions I receive  fertilized my all time favorite book, I Will Not Die An Unlived Life.  Two decades later I am asking you for this one additional indulgence.
Please send me your question before July 25th .  And know it will inspire this next book.
Please feel my warm and tender hand on you back in gratitude.

A hui hou –until our spirits touch,


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