1. Lemogang Senna says

    Good afternoon ma’am.

    Looking for any organisation to fund for my kids schooling from this past year. They are both in private school and in grade 4 and 10, respectively. I lost my job to depression and victimisation from Absa in August 2016, degrees and over 20 years corporate experience. I am on meds and functioning well except that my debt situation taking me backwards now. I am also on a verge of losing my home due to arrears on my bond. Also being issued with all sorts of other summonses for levies for my sectional title and others. Please recommend any organisations that can assist. My children still have not received their current year’s school reports either. For 2017 alone I still owe almost R75k for both as I stopped paying the schools in March this year. They both face school expulsion for 2018 OF I don’t settle the arrears before schools reopen. Been looking for another job and ended up facing brick walls. I really need a miracle right now.

    Hoping to hear from you soonest.


    Lemogang Senna

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