*_EVERYTHING IN LIFE IS FOR A WHILE…_*   *_When you truly Care for Someone, their Mistakes never Change your Feelings because it’s the Mind that gets Angry but the Heart still Cares_*   *_No matter who you are, how experienced you are, and how knowledgeable you think you are, always delay Judgement._*   *_Give others… [Read More]

Questions for Dawna

I would like to share this because it resonates with me deeply…. Blessings, Wendy: “Dear Beloveds At this moment I am sitting still on the lanai at sunset in the center of my life. I feel tears pricking my eyelids. I am not crying. It’s just the deep welling of a lived life rising inside… [Read More]

Book Contribution

Dear Wendy, Thanks for offering advice to global youth in the digital book. “Your Journey to a Bright Future” will be released tomorrow. You are featured first in the book. I drafted a tailored press release for you. Please share the website with your contacts, friends and family: www.journey2future.com — the journey to tomorrow starts… [Read More]