List of Scholarships

Herewith more resources: Please share these opportunities within your networks👇   Australia Award Scholarship ( LPDP Scholarsh hip ( DIKTI Scholarship a. Dalam Negeri ( Luar Negeri ( 4. Turkey Government Scholarship ( General Cultural Scholarship India ( USA Government Scholarship a. ( ( 7. Netherland Government Scholarship ( Korean Government Scholarship (…) Belgium Government… [Read More]


We must act collectively because great changes are demanded, but it is a deep Psychological revolution that is necessary, not throwing bombs and killing each other in order to build a new society, in the name of peace or democracy. The revolution I am referring to here is to free the mind from historic conditioning,… [Read More]

Questions for Dawna

I would like to share this because it resonates with me deeply…. Blessings, Wendy: “Dear Beloveds At this moment I am sitting still on the lanai at sunset in the center of my life. I feel tears pricking my eyelids. I am not crying. It’s just the deep welling of a lived life rising inside… [Read More]