Painted Stairs

Abandoning the flat canvas of buildings, some street artists take to the stairs, transforming them into magnificent works of urban art. It doesn’t matter whether it’s with paint, plants, mosaics or wallpapers – the end goal is beauty, shared and enjoyed by all. This phenomenon is not a localized one and is happening all around… [Read More]

5 Pieces of Advice

5 PIECES OF BRILLIANT CAREER AND LIFE WISDOM FROM WENDY LUHABE 1. Make sure you get a good education. It’s a surefire way to increase your options in life. It allows you to make independent choices, realise your potential and when the situation is not right, to walk away. Don’t just get educated, use your… [Read More]

The Peace of Pursuing Purpose

Ever felt as though you aren’t doing enough with your life? You wake up, bath, eat, go to work, earn a salary from it, come back home, eat, you’re back in bed again, but before you sleep you reflect on your day and feel like you haven’t done anything special with your life, and that… [Read More]