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  1. Awel Jemal says

    How can I for these scholarships? There is only list of scholarships on this page.please sent if there is any info by my mail.

  2. Hloniphani Ngwenya says

    I had always wondered how others get to be awarded scholarships only to find out that there are platforms like this and I found it very helpful. Iam currently studying towards a degree in Communication science and I will be completing next year but my problem is that I will be 41 by then.Will I still quality?

  3. Richard Katongole says

    Then, i should thank God i arrived on this website. I want to Study in Maryland or Spain, this very year. I live in Uganda, Africa

  4. Mashoto Moretsele says

    I need a scholarship in south Africa I’m a grade 12 student and my parents cant afford my tertiary tuition fees

    • Boniface Amwonya says

      try pennfoster career school. just google pennfoster career school and look for the computer information system. they are much cheaper. Am going for that course soon. its an online school or distance studies

  5. Naomi says

    Thanks this site is helpful
    How do I know the courses studied in those universities..
    I want to study telecommunications science

  6. Samkelo Mathumbu says

    Hi I am Samkelo Mathumbu, passed my grade 12 in 2015, in need of a scholarship where I can study because I seriously want to study not staying at home, so any scholarship I will be happy to find myself doing something in 2018

  7. Samkelo Mathumbu says

    Hi I am Samkelo Mathumbu, passed my grade 12 in 2015, in need of a scholarship where I can study because I seriously want to study not staying at home, so any scholarship I will be happy to find myself doing something in 2018, direct any response to this email Victoria.Mathumba@transnet.net

  8. Simeon says

    Dear sir/madam
    I am a young man living in South Africa.l am looking for financial support for undergraduate degree.l am interested in engineering.l passed my mathematics and physical science with good mark.l wish 2go to university but l have financial problems.l am looking for any sponser to help me achieve my childhood dream.My email is:simeonmlilo@gmail.com
    Thank u

  9. says

    Thanks to the author’s information, scholarship, in order to study in California, Ohio, Toronto, USA, UK.. you need to have good English, accompanied by accredited English certificates IELTS, Cambridge … to achieve high scores in these English exams, many young people now choose to study in the Philippines to learn English, you can see more about studying in the Philippines. On the New Vision website, at this link: http://duhocnv.edu.vn/du-hoc

  10. Tigist Lemma says

    Hello,my name is Tigist Lemma from Ethiopia, currently I’m studying MPH at Jimma University,if I got scholarship opportunity in Canada or Sweden,I want to continue,thanks!

  11. Abang Clement Eyong says

    Am a Clement, from Cameroon. I am looking for scholarship in Agricultural economics or agricultural development… Thanks

  12. arnold kibet says

    hey am Arnold from Kenya and would like a a scholarship on computer science i love your blog it really helps am still 19 years old

  13. Nomawethu says

    I’m South African I have a degree in Library and Information Science I’m looking for Scholarship on Knowledge Management

  14. Wuor Tut Bath says

    My Names are Wuor Tut Bath from South Sudan, hold Bachelor of Business Administration with Accounting and Finance at Cavendish University- Uganda 2015. i would want to go for further studies. if you can give me a chance.

    • Nsovo Matukane says

      I feel so honoured to get connected with this useful blog that brings hope to my study dream of climate change or climatology

  15. DINYUY GERVAS says

    Hi, my name is DINYUY GERVAS. I’m from Cameroon, i’m an undergraduate,please help me get a scholarship to study Tele-communication Abroad

  16. says

    Hi. My name is Mayembe Muledy, i have completed my degree in Civil engineering at University of Kwazulu Natal (UKZN, South africa).
    In order to further my study to Post-Graduate lavel, the university required me to fully pay my final year fees. i need a sponsor to hepl me to achieved my chilhood dream, to become a structural engineering.

    Kind regards

  17. Simphiwe Mbatha says

    Hi I have an 18 yrs old son who has been admitted to study BSC in filming and production on Los Angeles for 3 years. I’m looking for a sponsorship for him urgently.

  18. Simphiwe Mbatha says

    Hi! I have an 18 year old son who has been admitted to the school of filming in Los Angeles for 3 years. I’m looking for a sponsor for him urgently.

  19. Gonfa Tolera says

    Hello!!! My name is Gonfa Tolera,I want to reply PhD for Crop protection.If it is possible,please accept my inquiry

  20. Patrick Woi says

    I do study public health presently within the Adventist University of West Africa-Liberia and a prospective graduate this July 2018 and wishing to study epidemiology as my master but do not have any means of financial support to achieve that dream so I wish someone from this site can help me achieve my dreams.

  21. Negussie Siyum says

    I have gotten an acceptance letter from university of Bonn , Germany , ARTS program. But fund is not secured yet and I need external funding . How can I get funds for this program.
    please send me tips

  22. assebe says

    hello I am Asebe from ETHIOPIA ,I studied architecture and urban planning @ Bsc level
    now i,m waiting for Masters program ,but i,m from poor family and have no chance to study more ,please encourage me,to study Architecture

  23. says

    Great work madam Wendy Luhabe!
    It is interesting to see that Africa is blessed with women like you, keep raising those behind. Thanks for this great list of scholarships for our people. May I support you to share the link to a website that assisted me during my undergraduate days in the USA, I’m sure our African brothers will find it highly useful too: http://afrischolarships.com/category/usa/

  24. maureen says

    good day, im looking for scholarships for my younger sister. she is zimbabwean and looking to study tourism. anyone with information about undergraduate scholarships in tourism please help.

  25. Norma Gondwe says

    My name is Norma Gondwe aged 19 from Malawi looking for a scholarship to study international trade and economics.Please consider me.

  26. Norma Gondwe says

    My name is Norma Gondwe aged 19 from Malawi looking for a scholarship in international trade and economics.Please help me.

  27. THOMAS M'BANGA says

    l am Thomas m’banga from malawi looking for suporsership l have certificate in clinical medicine but want to continuoe my Education by diploma in clinical medicine here at malawi collage of health sciences. please help me with tuition fees of k400,00.per semister

  28. Matende Henry says

    Iam Matende Henry, 22yrs old Ugandan I have found value in this list, may you please add me on the next in-take, so i will be glad if am included on it.

  29. Matende Henry says

    Am MATENDE HENRY, 22yr male from Uganda, i have found a lot of value and interest in this list. may you please look at and add me in the next in take. please i will be glad


    my name is SILAS A. A. NDIFON i am from cameroon studying Accountancy with the university of Buea undergraduate level. Can i have a scholarship from your foundation Madam?

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