We must act collectively because great changes are demanded, but it is a deep

Psychological revolution that is necessary, not throwing bombs and killing

each other in order to build a new society, in the name of peace or democracy.

The revolution I am referring to here is to free the mind from historic conditioning,

fear, feelings of poor self worth and inadequacy.

This does not suggest freedom to do what we like or collective action that oppresses

others.What the 21st Century is demanding from all of us,particularly from parents

and the Education system is to create different kind of human beings who are whole, not

broken and in conflict with a world that expects very little from them.We need a new

mind that does not self sabotage,but one that is secure in itself, compares itself with no one,

questions,challenges,creates,contributes and has the courage to transform the current

State of our world through actions of compassion, not through judgement and intolerance.

We are all a result of the past, the younger generations may try to break free from the past,

but they were shaped by it and continue to react to it in subliminal ways that are unconscious.

The truth is we never break away from our past, we simply have a modified continuity of it.

Our belief systems make it impossible to discover new insights, new ideas, new people or new


So our actions remain mechanical because our thoughts are shaped  from memory,

experience and knowlwdge,not from objective observation.That is why we struggle to break

away with the past, we are imprisoned by it.Our lives therefore are a constant battle between

perception, insight and conditioning.

So as you read these comments, you have a choice to  either gain a new insight or remain as you

were before you read this message.As we wind down what has been a challenging year,I invite

us to reflect on what is holding us back,is it  ourselves,our past ,our conditioning, our experience.

We are prisoners of something that has a stronghold on us achieving our greatness which the

world is waiting for.

May we each enjoy a peaceful holiday season and return in 2018 ready to play our patron creating

kind of world we want to live in.


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