*CALL TO PRAYER, South Africa!*

Friends and Prayer Warriors,

We have heard from the Lord and are working on an inclusive *plan* to save South Africa. We really need the Lord’s wisdom and guidance, because it must be inspired by the Holy Spirit from beginning to end. “Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labour in vain”_ (Ps 127:1). The stone that was rejected, Jesus Christ, must become the Cornerstone of a *New Nation*.


The plan is making good progress and will soon become known. South Africa needs a people’s movement, where the voice of the *’silent majority’* is heard. Many share the same Biblical values, but we don’t see that in society and in how decisions are made. South Africa needs an INTERVENTION, not in the flesh, but by God’s Spirit, as people obey His voice.


*Pray intensely* for this to come into being. We need watchmen on the walls of our nation, interceding day and night for God’s breakthrough! (Isa 62:6; 2 Sam 5:20) Pray also, in the name of Jesus Christ, that this spirit of negativity, fear, division and oppression *be broken* in South Africa. It is suffocating our people.




The Lord is birthing something completely NEW in the nation to bring true solutions and healing (Isa 43:19). *Have faith!* Details of this plan aren’t made known yet, but please focus on praying for what is to come. Gradually at first, and then SUDDENLY it will move to the *forefront*. This is what we have been hoping and trusting for. Now is the time to intensify our prayers as the situation is getting desperate in South Africa.


Have good courage, something *very special* is coming. Send this message to all concerned citizens as an urgent *Call to Prayer*! Everything that is from God always starts with prayer.


The Lord bless you and keep you!


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