How Economic Activism Can Empower the African Woman

Social and economic activist Wendy Luhabe passionately believes in empowering women, especially when it comes to realizing their potential in contributing to the economy. Knowledge@Wharton: You describe yourself as an economic activist. You’re based in South Africa. What is an economic activist? Wendy Luhabe: In my case, it’s focusing on the participation of women in… [Read More]

The Entrepreneurs Spurring Africa’s Rise

Many African nations face grave challenges, including widespread poverty and unemployment. But the continent is also home to many of the fastest-growing economies in the world and entrepreneurs who are spurring Africa’s growth in unique and dynamic ways, write Katherine Klein, Wharton management professor and vice dean for the Wharton Social Impact Initiative, and Nick… [Read More]

The 100 Women4Africa 2016 ‘Extraordinary Gold List’

In honour of ‘International Women’s Day’ Women4Africa have released its ‘100 Women4Africa Extraordinary Gold List 2016’ which comprises of all of its 2016 Recognitions and Finalists. Click HERE Every year Women4Africa celebrates a plethora of outstanding women and youth so this year see’s the Launch of its ‘Extraordinary Gold List’ which will be a yearly… [Read More]